L1 Visa Requirements and Information

Working within your company may sometimes mean having to relocate. If your parent company is founded in the United States then an L-1 Visa is needed. Such visa types are classified as intracompany transfers and are a nonimmigrant visa used for work purposes. With this you will be able to relocate for the purpose of working in the U.S. office of your company. L1-A is given to managers and executives and L1-B is for workers with a special knowledge. L1- blanket visas are also available for companies that have several transfers each year.

Schengen Visa Fee

How Long Can You Stay?

An initial stay of one year is allowed for L1 visa holders. After this initial period they will be able to renew their visas for a three year stay. The maximum number of years of stay for a L1-A classification is seven years. On the other hand, L1-B holders can stay for a maximum of five years. Only time that is spent in the United States is counted during this period. Any time spent outside of the country may be recaptured.


In order for an employer and an employee to get hold of this visa type both must meet certain criteria. For employers, they must currently be doing business in the United States and one other country or via a qualifying organization. It is also important for the employer to have a qualifying relationship with the foreign company.

On the other hand, employees must be working with the qualifying company abroad for at least one year before the three year period that he is admitted into the United States. He must seek entrance to the country to render service within a managerial, executive or specialized knowledge capacity to a qualifying organization or branch of the same company.

Additional Information

Processing for L1 visas may take about one month depending on the influx of applications. Expedited processing may be done for a premium fee of $1000; after which a decision will be given after 15 calendar days. Family members (spouse and children below 21) of L1 visa holders may be granted admission to the United States. They will be given the same number of years (5/7) validity on their visas as the primary applicant. Permanent residency may be applied for by a L1 visa holder during the duration of the stay and a green card may be granted to the visa holder.

Seeking Professional Help

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