Set Up an eBay Account and Convert Lookers Into Buyers

While there are a number of online auction sites, eBay is not only the largest, but also one with the most money-making potential. Today, experts estimate that more than 34 million pages exist on the internet specific to business transactions, with that number growing daily. Rather than sit back and watch other people take a piece of the pie, you can get started today when you set up an eBay account and then begin to build your customer base. Find eBay Account For Sale

The great thing about this opportunity is that young kids to the elderly can set up an eBay account and then enjoy making money with products and/or services sold. Yes, you will be faced with a lot of competition but keep in mind that as long as your online site is professional and easy to navigate, customers are provided with a high quality product/service, and you offer excellent customer support, there is no reason why you cannot build a powerful presence on eBay.

Of course, after you set up an eBay account, you then need to convert people who simply visit your store and browse into those who go through the checkout process and buy. The great thing is that setting up an eBay account means you can create not only a store, but an “about me” page”, a “frequently asked questioned” page, and so on. The information you create for those pages is what will help set you apart from the competitor.

For example, take time to write an “about me” page associated with your eBay store. Often, new members will overlook this valuable page thinking that people simply do not care. However, many prospective buyers will read this section of the site, which helps gives them a newfound level of confidence in you and what you sell. In addition to adding information about you, your journey to eBay, and your business, this is also a great space where visitors could be offered a discount, a buy one free offer, or some other type of special that would not otherwise be found.

After you set up an eBay account and are ready to add products to your site, you definitely want to use photographs. Often, stock photos can be used, which are very professional but if you take the photos yourself, be sure photos are in focus, the right size, and even show different angles of the product. While interested people will read the description provided, the initial thing that will attract people is the photo. Therefore, always use photos but only those of high quality.

eBay also offers sellers a service known as Square Trade. After you have gone through the initial process to set up an eBay account, you can then take things one step further by signing up for Square Trade. The entire goal of this service is to act as a mediator if you and a buyer have a dispute. Often, people interested in what you have to sell will feel far more comfortable buying from you knowing that they have a third-party who is completely unbiased should an issue arise.

Even providing buyers with multiple payment options will help increase the number of visitors who convert to buyers. PayPal is a primary choice because it is easy and safe but there are other payment services to include Click Bank. In addition, you can decide if you want to accept checks, money orders, or cashier checks for anything sold. Obviously, there is some risk with personal checks but again, giving prospective customers several payment options to consider will help boost sales and increase your profit.