Shocking Motorcycle Accident Statistics

In 2007, over 4900 people were killed in different types of accidents in the United States alone in a major motorcycle incident study done by the University of Southern California (USC). In this motorcycle study, they analyzed thousands of accidents and came to conclusions about the main causes of each accident. The study was done to try and develop ways to avoid incidents to prevent these motorcycle related deaths. Nearly 900 motorcycle crashes in the LA area were studied and analyzed to come up with the statistics below.

Motorcycle Accident Findings:

1. Nearly 3/4 of the motorcycle accidents involved a crash with another vehicle.
2. Nearly all accidents involving another car were passenger vehicles.
3. Motorcycle failure accounted for less than 3% of these motorcycle accidents and nearly all of those accidents were single vehicle accidents.
4. Approximately 25% of these crashes Michigan surrounding motorcycle accidents were single vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle crashing with a roadway or some fixed object in the surrounding area.
5. In the single vehicle accidents, motorcycle rider error was a factor in the accidents in 2/3 of the cases. Most typical error being over braking or sliding the bike on the road.
6. Intersections were the most common areas for these motorcycle crashes.
7. Weather was not a factor in almost all of the incidents. In fact in only 2% of the accidents weather was even considered to be a cause.
8. Most of the motorcycle accidents were not on long road trips by the motorcycle rider. Most involved a a short trip around the riders home.
9. The average pre accident speed was 29.8 miles per hour and the average crash speed was 21.5 miles per hour. There was only one accident involving a speed over 85 miles per hour of the 1,000 crashes analyzed.
10. The ages between 16-24 were dominant in these accidents. Ages 30 – 50 were under represented and most of the accidents involved a male driver (96%).
11. Almost half of the motorcycle accidents involved alcohol.
12. Most of the accidents involved a single rider (no passengers) on the motorcycle.
13. Approximately 50% of the motorcycle riders in these accidents were wearing a helmet.
14. 26% of the riders not wearing a helmet said they were not wearing helmet because they felt they were uncomfortable.
15. Less than 10% of these riders did not have insurance of any kind to provide medical care or property replacement.