Way to Destiny

It is not by accident that we are created into this planet earth. In the magnificent nature of God – the creator, he created every individual with a purpose and an assigned duty. That purpose and duty is the destiny. Destiny is carved from the word destine which means something design or intend for a purpose. So we literally say destiny is defined as a predetermined inevitable set of event. So, when it is said that someone is destine for something, it portray that such person is so design or created for such thing.

My aim of bringing this issue in view is for us to understand that our life has a meaning and a destination which we must all strife to reach. And as it is in journey heading to a destination, our destiny is a point we are journeying to but we have to take note of sinh nam 2020 menh gi some things that will guide us through.

For this analogy to be more comprehended, let site an illustration using the human being and the vehicle as specimen to dissect.

Now, for you to embark on a particular journey, a path or road must be taken. I call that road of life (way to our destiny).

Please I want you to follow my illustration careful for it makes sense.

Check this:

Person – Vehicle: The human body is like a car; if you look intently at the parts of cars you will definitely discover some similarities between the human being and a vehicle.

Mind – Driver: The person is the vehicle driven by the mind (driver). It is our mind that controls our action and thus directs our movement. So, just as the diver control the car, it is with our mind that we know where to go and how to go there.

Feelings – Engine oil: This may be a little bit confusing but you will agree with me that it is the engine oil that smoothen the engine of car. The parts, in the engine will not lubricate if oil is not there. An engine will get knock down if there is little or no oil in it. So our body part also needs tending. Take care of you body, bath, brush and use nice cream, for your appearance is of vital prominence in moving ahead. And more importantly, do not keep any feelings that are injurious to us. Just as you will change burnt oil, extricate any feelings that is not needed in you heart.

Food – Fuel: Oh! This is indeed very crucial a car can never move without a fuel. A man needs to be well feed to function effectively. As you eat food, it get used up (just as fuel get burnt and used up in the car) and then you eat again and it continuous as a cycle. Just as you need to always refuel, you will always eat.

Heart – Engine: “The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart” the heart is very important. The engine of a car is apparently the heart of a car so the heart of a man is the engine of the man. Guide you heart with all diligent and make sure you change your oil regularly by doing away with any unnecessary thought and feelings, for matters of the heart is a delicate matter.

Circulatory system – Radiator: Constancy of water in the radiator connotes the constant availability of water in our system. Give your body enough water to avoid dehydration.

Excretory system – Exhaust: Any unwanted waste or used products in a car goes out trough the exhaust. Burnt fuel goes out as smoke; just as used up food goes out trough the anus as excreta.

Legs – Tires: For effective movement and motion the car tires are very essential. So in human, our legs is what we need to maneuvers our ways to different places.